Kick It Out links up with the Home Office in a bid to end discrimination in football

LGBT charity Kick It Out has announced a brand new partnership with the Home Office. The partnership aims to stamp out homophobic and transphobic discrimination within football for good in the UK. To complete their goal, a number of resources have been sent out to clubs around the country detailing how best to deal sensitively with issues regarding sexual orientation. "Everyone in football has a role to play in creating a more inclusive game where everyone, including LGBT+ people, feel included and can enjoy participating free from fear of discrimination, bullying and harassment," said the charity. "This resource is designed to help match-day stewards and safety officers think about how to help create a more LGBT-inclusive game and how to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) abuse." An informative new video, featuring people from all different backgrounds, has been launched to accompany the campaign in a bid to change stereotypes of those who are interested in the game. Taking advantage of LGBT+ History Month, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of an issue with is still hugely prevalent on the pitch around the country. “With LGBT History Month recently taking place in the UK, it is important that Kick It Out continues to raise awareness of the issues which still blight our national game, including homophobia, biphobia and transphobia," said Roisin Wood, Kick It Out's chief executive. “These topics have long been taboos in the game, but thanks to the proactive work of campaigners we are beginning to see the football community recognise the positive impact LGB&T inclusion is having on the sport. “With support from the Home Office and True Vision, Kick It Out has been able to produce three essential resources which will help stewards and others to understand and have confidence in effectively challenging homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination within football stadia. “Kick It Out also encourages all match day participants, including players, club staff, stewards and supporters to download the organisation’s free reporting app, available on the App Store and Google Play," she added.