Kim Davis is obeying orders and finally granting gay marriage licenses

It’s been a very long time coming, but it looks like controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is abiding by the rules, after a judge found the controversial anti-gay marriage figure has permitted her staff to grant same-sex marriage licenses. United States District Judge David Bunning ruled on Tuesday (February 9) that Davis, a born-again Christian has allowed her deputies to issue marriage licenses to both heterosexual and same-sex couples since September last year, reports CBS News. After the US Supreme Court legalised gay marriage across the country last June, Davis repeatedly refused to issue gay marriage licenses to couples from the Rowan County, which saw her infamously rise to international prominence. Community outrage was followed by a contempt of court order landing her in prison for five nights, where after emerging to Survivor’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ blasting, Davis has since made ongoing media appearances while also altering licenses to remove her name and her title. On Tuesday evening, Bunning found Davis had complied with his orders and despite further protest from the ACLU – who sued Davis on behalf of the four gay couples – mooted their request to reissue the altered licenses. kim davis “There is every reason to believe that any altered licenses ... would be recognised under Kentucky law," he said. Davis' legal representation Mat Staver said that Bunning’s ruling rebuffed what he described as a personal vendetta against Davis. "From the beginning, we have said the ACLU is not interested in marriage licenses. They want Kim Davis' scalp," Staver wrote in a statement. "They want to force her to violate her conscience. I am glad the court rejected this bully tactic." More stories: Gay Atheist flees Syria to escape discrimination, is mocked by other refugees Barbra Streisand accepts medal from Obama – then slams Trump