Kuwaiti academic claims gay men have an 'anal worm' that 'feeds on semen'

Mariam Al-Sohel argued the anal worm makes gay men attracted to other men


Words: Steve Brown

An academic in Kuwait has claimed she has a ‘cure’ for homosexuality saying gay men have an ‘anal worm’ that ‘feeds on semen’.

Mariam Al-Sohel claimed on Scope TV that she believes there are four genders – male, female, feminine gay men and butch lesbians – and she explained how she has found a cure for being gay based on Islamic prophecy.

She said: “I discovered therapeutic suppositories that curb the sexual urges of boys of the third gender.

“As well as the fourth gender, which is butch lesbians. This is all science, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“The sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked. And afterwards it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen. It feeds on sperm.

“So, what I did was to produce suppositories, which are to be used by certain people at a certain time. It cures those urges by exterminating the worm that feeds on the sperm.”

According to the academic, the two suppositories are for feminine gay men and butch lesbians. Both pills have the exact same ingredients but are in different colours.

To further her ridiculous argument, Al-Sohel also argued that bitter foods help feminine gay men increase masculinity and build muscle.

She continued: “Any food that is buried underground provides men with stability, strengthens their muscles and increases their masculinity. Bitter foods increase masculinity.”