Kylie and Dannii Minogue urge Australians to back same-sex marriage ahead of historic vote

They've maintained a powerful bond with the gay community over the course their 30-year careers, so it's no surprise that pop princesses Kylie and Dannii Minogue are using their voices to help make marriage equality in their native Australia a reality. The starry siblings have both taken to social media this week to express their support for same-sex marriage, encouraging fans to register to vote in the country's upcoming public poll on the issue of gay equality. "Aussies! #loveislove & it's for everyone," Kylie tweeted on Wednesday (August 23), one day before the deadline to register to vote in the poll. The 'Timebomb' singer, 49, added: "Today is the final day to make sure you're enrolled. Don't wait!" Sister Dannii, 45, also took to social media to encourage fans to register ahead of the vote, sharing a reminder on Instagram and adding: "It's quicker than taking 'that perfect selfie'."
The pair are the latest stars to urge Australians to back same-sex marriage Down Under, after Melbourne-born Chris Hemsworth urged fans to vote 'Yes' in the country's upcoming vote earlier this week. Meanwhile, US pop star Meghan Trainor has spoken out after her image was "illegally" used in an anti-gay marriage poster urging Australians to reject equality. The 'All About That Bass' singer took to social media on Wednesday (August 23) to reiterate her support for same-sex marriage, describing the inclusion of her image in the unofficial 'No' campaign artwork as "so wrong." "Everyone should be able to love who they want," the 23-year-old told fans. "I support equality, period." Australia's historic poll will see citizens at home and abroad who were aged 18 before August 24 – the registration deadline – answer the question: ‘Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’ The vote is not a plebiscite, and therefore citizens will not be compelled to vote and the result is not binding on politicians. Those wishing to vote are encouraged to return their voting forms by October 27, while ballots received after November 7 will not be counted. The result is expected to be made public on November 15, when hopefully we'll all be celebrating another victory for love and acceptance. More stories: You can now get a full time job masturbating – interested? TV drama based on the victims of Grindr serial killer Stephen Port announced