Kylie Minogue 'curious' to duet with Madonna - but there's just one problem

She's been a fan since the 80s, saying: "I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac"


Kylie Minogue has said she's up for a duet with fellow music icon Madonna, but the problem is "finding the right song and the right moment."

Which, given the amount of dud duets between pop titans that have been long-forgotten... is a fair point. 

The Say Something singer addressed a possible collaboration in an interview with Metro today. 

"Maybe any moment is the right moment"

Saying she's been a "Madonna maniac" since the 80s, Kylie explained: "I am as curious as the fans are. It would be amazing.

"The hard part is to get the right song and the right moment."

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The star - whose new album Disco is out soon - continued: "Maybe any moment is the right moment… but the right song? One that’s in people’s imagination, mine included, because don’t forget I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac. I was that kid."

Of other possible collaborators, Can't Get You Out of My Head singer Kylie suggested Midnight Sky singer Miley Cyrus and, of course, Gaga.

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"Miley is absolutely smashing it right now," she said. "I am such a big fan of Gaga. Her talent is phenomenal. She has done some cute things recently by urging people to vote in America.

"There are so many facets to her. The list would go on and on."

There's nothing stopping all four from working together, is there? 

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