Kylie Minogue denies reports she is engaged to boyfriend Paul Solomons

'Say Something' singer's rep says she and Paul are "happy as they are"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Darenote Ltd. 2020

Kylie Minogue has denied reports that she is engaged to boyfriend Paul Solomons.

The gay icon was forced to issue a denial after actress Billie Piper (somewhat randomly) referred to Paul as Kylie's "fiancé" in an essay for Elle.

Following widespread reports of the engagement - and Solomons' stepmother 'confirming' the news to the Daily Mail, and saying she's "thrilled" - 'Say Something' singer Kylie is setting the record straight.

"It's not true"

A rep for the star yesterday told The Sun: "It’s not true.

"They are happy as they are."

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Well, that clears that up!

Nevertheless, the showbiz veteran is clearly smitten with Paul, who is Creative Director for British GQ.

While speaking on Lorraine last year, Kylie said of Paul: "He is so nice. He is probably not watching, I am sure he is at work. 

"He is such a good support. We have a laugh. We have both been through enough in our lives and just met at the right time, so it's lovely."

Last November, Kylie released studio album Disco, becoming the first woman to score a number one album in the UK across five consecutive decades.

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