Kylie Minogue set to tackle LGBT rights on new album?

Kylie Minogue has been busy working on her latest album in recent months - and if the latest rumours are anything to go by, the Aussie pop princess's legions of gay fans will have even more reason to love her 14th LP. The 49-year-old singer has been working hard on new music since splitting from her British actor fiancé Joshua Sasse back in February amidst a swirl of infidelity rumours, and according to reports is said to be channelling her emotions into her most personal - and political - album yet. A music source told The Sun: "Kylie’s album will give fans fly-on-the-wall access to what happened between her and Josh. "She has gone into serious detail on some of the songs and it has helped her make sense of everything. "It was obviously a very tough time but throwing herself into music has been an amazing help. "It looks like her album could be her most political yet too, with talk of tracks covering issues like LGBT rights. "Kylie just wants to make an album that will start conversations." We certainly like the like the sound of that. Minogue, who notably championed her former fiance’s campaign for equal marriage in Australia (called ‘Say I Do Down Under’), recently had her gay icon credentials reaffirmed after it emerged that she refused to allow gay kisses to be censored from her ‘All the Lovers’ music video back in 2010. The video's director Joseph Kahn revealed in April that that an unnamed country had requested that the clip’s numerous gay kisses be removed before being aired – only to be told a resounding “no” by Minogue herself. The Power Rangers director praised the principled stance of the “amazing” star, who in typically modest style kept quiet about the incident at the time.   “A country asked us to cut the gay kissing from ATL. @kylieminogue said no. No press release. She is amazing,” Kahn wrote. Meanwhile, Minogue recently opened up about her own romantic life in the wake of her split from Sasse, admitting she’d accepted she might never get a happy-ever-after of her own. “It wasn’t meant to be and I look forward to moving on, richer for the experience,” she said in February. “I haven’t had the white picket fence and happy-ever-after in my life so far – but perhaps that’s just not my destiny.” More stories: These are the perks of being a gay couple – WATCH General election: Which party has the most LGBT candidates?