Labour councillor suspended after comparing homosexuality to paedophilia

A Labour councillor has been suspended from the party after sharing homophobic comments on social media. Chika Amadi, who has sat on Harrow Council since 2014, representing Edgware, repeatedly shared articles from anti-LGBT Christian website LifeSiteNews, including one that featured an image of a young child averting her eyes from a naked man at a past Toronto Pride march. Responding to the story, which was published in 2014, Amadi wrote: “Walking about naked in front of children is nothing but paedophelia being labelled liberalism." When one Twitter Twitter user called her out for homophobia, she replied: “Evil. If you dare walk naked in front of my child God will give you terrible assignment that will put you to perpetual sleep. Be warned”. Amadi, who is also a charity worker and pastor, has previously shared an anti-LGBT quotation from the President of Gambia on Facebook. The statement read: “Homosexuality is anti-humanity. I have never seen a homosexual chicken, or turkey. If you are convicted of homosexuality in this country, there will be no mercy for offenders. We will put you in the female wing of the prison.” Last month, Amadi shared the following on her Facebook page: “Recently one respectable man in my constituency questioned me on my faith especially on homosexuality (…) I warned him not to try me next time. Anyone who wants to bring me down from my political career because of my faith and stand on the word of God will encounter the burning anger of the God that I serve.” She has since been suspended from the Labour party. “Chika Amadi has been suspended from the Labour party pending an investigation,” a spokesperson said. The co-chairs of LGBT Labour, Ian Dylan Thomas and Sarah Kerton, issued a statement that described the comments as “offensive, distasteful and homophobic. “These comments have no place in modern society and are unacceptable from a Labour party councillor.” Words by Louis Shankar More stories: Gay rugby player pops the question to teammate boyfriend at Pride – WATCH Tory MP David Davies writes that trans women should use men’s bathrooms in newspaper column