Labour pledge to challenge 'discriminatory' rules for LGBT asylum seekers

Labour have pledged to investigate the "discriminatory" rules currently in place for LGBT asylum seekers. Recent reports have found time and time again that LGBT asylum seekers in the UK have been shockingly subject to inappropriate and humiliating questions that have often relied on offensively old stereotypes in order to gain asylum and escape persecution in the home countries. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In Labour's new LGBT manifesto, which will be launched later today in Brighton (April 22), the party detail plans to challenge the archaic system currently in place, confirming that they will "process and guidelines around applications for asylum on the basis of persecution for sexuality or gender identity." "With Labour, Britain will always be a country that provides refugee for those fleeing persecution, whether on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity. There have been too many cases of discriminatory and offensive treatment of LGBT people claiming asylum, so we will review the procedures to ensure the rules are upheld fairly and humanely." Among other positive changes outlined in the manifesto, the party hope to "strengthen the law on hate crime," and make "age-appropriate" sex and relationship education compulsory in schools across the UK. More stories: Gay couple bullied online after picture of them holding hands in public goes viral Listen: Adam Lambert debuts ‘Ghost Town’ single