Lacoste pay homage to the Olympic Games in two brand new collections

New collection draws inspiration from classic Olympic Games


Lacoste, founded in 1933 by tennis champion, entrepreneur and 1924 Olympic medallist Rene Lacoste, has unveiled their new collection highlighting the symbolic heritage of the past Olympic games.

The brand carries values that are dear to the movement such as fair play, elegance and tenacity which in turn have inspired this new line of men’s clothing and accessories.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Mexico Olympic Summer Games and the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics, the brand has chosen to feature two annual capsules that will reflect on the legendary Olympics legacy.

Using themes enthused by Mexican history to create a graphic capsule collection featuring the logo of the mythical Olympic Games of Mexico.

Inspired by the country’s culture and folk art referring to Optical Art from the 60’s, they have combined the idea of optical illusions and hidden images with simple linear geometry to condense the symbols of the 1968 Olympic Games into a clean, simple design.

The number 68 formed by two of the five Olympic rings is affixed to the chest of a polo, a cap or is printed all over on a polo while the ‘Mexico 68’ is displayed in full on a sweatshirt or the band of various coloured t-shirts.

The brand has used a more elegant design to glorify the 10th Olympic Winter Games in Grenoble.

For this collection they have mixed its stylistic codes with the emblem made for the event, presenting symbols meaningful to the city as a badge adorned on the five collector pieces of the line including a polo with a double piping on the collar and a colour block long sleeves polo shirt.

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