Lady Gaga addresses 'Telephone' sequel and Madonna collaboration rumours

Lady Gaga is back, and she's setting the record straight on one or two things. The singer and actress was in London for the launch of her new single 'Perfect Illusion' last Friday (September 9), but zipped back over to America to sit down with SiriusXM's Andy Cohen yesterday (September 12), to talk about the inspiration behind the single, working with the biggest names in pop culture, and of course, when we can expect her hotly anticipated fifth album. Even though Gaga's latest sound is distinctly rockier than her early work, her pure pop credentials are up there with the greats. 'Paparazzi' and its follow-on track, Beyoncé collaboration 'Telephone', were both enormous moments in pop culture. But despite the whole world crying out for the third part to the music video trilogy (preferably with another Beyoncé collaboration, of course), Gaga was pretty certain that we won't be hearing a followup to 'Telephone' on the next album. "I don't know yet if that's gonna be a part of this record. This record's very different from the other albums, and it's not a conceptual album, it's really really autobiographical, and every single song tells it's own story that is related to my life in a very, very personal way. So I don't know if [a followup to 'Paparazzi' and 'Telephone'] is gonna quite fit into that." You mean teaming up with Queen Bey to poison a whole diner to death wasn't autobiographical? We feel duped. Asking the question we all want to know the answer to, Cohen also quizzed the American Horror Story star about when we can expect the album to drop. "[The album will be out] this year, so the wait won't be too too long," Gaga teased. "But we are not gonna release the date yet." While the star is remaining tight-lipped over the details of the album, she did dish on the inspiration behind 'Perfect Illusion', and it looks as though it's not about ex-Fiance Taylor Kinney - or at the very least, she's not going to Taylor Swift the situation and make the connection completely obvious. "'Perfect Illusion' is about a lot of different people in my life, a lot of different things... the record is about being so intoxicated with love, so high, dilated falling free in a modern ecstasy that you wake up one day and you can't believe it's not real. How did that happen, how did I do that? And the song is raging about that experience." Very coy, Gaga. Luckily, fans can expect a video for 'Perfect Illusion', which Gaga insisted was coming "soon." Mother Monster also put to bed rumours that she may be collaborating with Madonna in the future, insisting that she has "no plans" to do so. We can keep dreaming though. Listen to the full interview here: More stories: The stunning moment a 12-year-old boy stood up to thousands of anti-gay demonstrators Nyle DiMarco discusses sexuality and changing deaf lives in Attitude’s October issue