Lady Gaga takes James Corden's place on The Late Late Show - WATCH

The audience of The Late Late Show were surprised when Lady Gaga walked out to host the show instead of the shows usual host James Corden. On last nights The Late Late Show Lady Gaga walked out and took control. The voice over introduced the show and welcomed "James Corden out" but instead Lady Gaga appeared in a glittery gold dress. Initially she hushes the live audience before acting as James by saying, "I get it, I get it. You love my show. Hello ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the show." Her hosting skills were really on point as she starts the show by telling a joke as "Lady Haha." Her joke is obviously about Donald Trump who is starting a news broadcast on Facebook, she compares it to broadcasting her concerts with the difference being "instead of their being Little Monsters there will be an actual monster." Sadly, she is then interrupted by James who comes running out in a shirt and underwear. screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-38-06 The two have a lighthearted shady argument as James shouts, "People love my monolog! They look forward to it all day." Gaga is quick with a comeback as she disses James saying, "Thats not what it said on Twitter." James then tells Gaga to go but after the audience boo him he asks her to come back and sit with the band for the night. The clip then cuts to Gaga asking Matt LeBlanc "Who would you rather Rachel or Monica?" A question we've always wanted to know. You'll have to watch the clip to find out his answer. She then ends the show by singing a song from her new album Joanne. Watch the video here: