Lady Gaga unveils brand new track 'Million Reasons'

Lady Gaga promised us that Joanne will be "different from the other albums," and she wasn't kidding. Her latest track from the upcoming album, Million Reasons, not only sounds worlds away from Bad Romance or even Fame Monster's token balled, Speechless; it's completely different from it's sister track, Perfect Illusion. The emotional ballad sees Gaga croon "I got a hundred million reasons to walk away/but baby I just need one good one to stay," over simple guitar strumming. It's simple, but heartfelt. Between this and the overtly rocky Perfect Illusion, One thing's for sure - guessing at what Joanne is going to sound like when it drops is futile. But despite the songs' different sounds, there's a common thread of wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve vulnerability that should endear loyal fans to this new direction, even if things feel a little unfamiliar. Check out the new song below: More stories: Watch the trailer for stunning new coming-of-age film ‘Moonlight’ These two newly-married grooms are serious first dance goals – WATCH