Laverne Cox slams men who are ashamed of dating trans women: 'Toxic masculinity is bullsh*t'

Laverne Cox has slammed men who who feel ashamed about dating trans women. The Orange Is The New Black star opened up about dating in Attitude's Award Issue, revealing that she's found that men are often intimidated by her. "I still meet men. I'm on apps. I think you have to be on apps to be in the game, so I do it that way. I think a lot of guys are intimidated by me, but guys were intimidated by me before I was famous." However, the actress has no time for the men who feel ashamed about dating trans women. "Men who are into trans women who want to keep us a secret and are afraid if someone thinks they are gay, they're insecure as fuck. If someone thinks you're gay, gay is fabulous. Gay is amazing. There's nothing wrong with that. Toxic masculinity is bullshit." Cox also spoke to Attitude about a toxic relationship that could have killed her, saying: “I thought that if I could be perfect and great in bed, prepare him food and take care of him that I would be worthy." "If I could turn someone who was emotionally abusive and unavailable and manipulative in someways into someone who was available and unabusive because I was so amazing, it would heal of of the childhood trauma that I had taken into the relationship." Read Laverne’s full interview in the Attitude Awards Issue, where the star opens up about battling for trans rights and her role in Orange is the New Black – out now featuring six special edition collectable covers. Buy in printsubscribe or download.