'Leave Britney Alone' star Chris Croker hits out at media reports saying he 'got hot’

Chris Crocker made headlines nine years ago as an emotionally charged teenager with his infamous 'Leave Britney Alone' video, which still remains one of the most memorable early YouTube videos to go viral across the globe. After entering the media cycle again this week for his apparent transformation from androgynous teen to hunky stud, the 28-year-old has now released a video where he challenges society’s view of attractiveness. “It’s a little bit of weird feeling to wake up to the fact that it’s an international headline across the UK, America, Australia, everywhere: Chris Crocker, the ‘leave Britney alone guy’ has gotten hot,” he says. “And I know a lot of people are going to say, ‘just take a compliment and shut up’, and who doesn’t like compliments right? “But what I wanted to say is we should always feel attractive, not just when society tells us we’re attractive.” Crocker, who for many years of his life says he has identified as transgender, questions why masculinity is considered more desirable than androgyny. “Living in Tennessee, living in a town where it’s not safe for me to be my full self, I have adapted to my surroundings,” he adds. “So when I hear that I have ‘gotten hot’, I immediately think, ‘was I just not hot enough before because I was androgynous?’ “And I think that’s some of it, and that’s what I wanted to say although we all love compliments, [our] inner knowing of who we are, inner confidence, beats a million people telling you that you ‘got hot’.” Viewed almost 250,000 times on Facebook, Crocker has received widespread praise for his comments. “Right there Chris is why I love you and many others!!! You took the compliment but made sure people understood that society didn't say you were hot or beautiful before you believed it!” said one viewer. “This is why I've followed you and loved you for a long time. Not only are you hilarious, but you are inspirational and have a beautiful heart,” said anoher. “I can’t express how much this video represents what I love about you, Chris. Quirks are what make people attractive,” adds another. You can watch the clip below: [fbvideo link="https://www.facebook.com/ChrisCrockerOFFICIAL/videos/10153513890149007/" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] More stories: Singapore Catholic Church calls for boycott of Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour Arrow producer Greg Polanti welcomes baby son, thanks ‘incredible’ boyfriend Robbie Rogers