Legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US improves health of men, a study claims

In the US, men in same-sex marriages had better access to health care and increase health insurance


The legalisation of same-sex marriage has improved the health of American gay men, a study claimed.

The new study by professors at Vanderbilt University found that men living in same-sex marriages led to increased health insurance coverage and better access to health care in the US.

Although the research didn’t specifically ask for respondents’ sexuality, they calculated an estimated number of gay or bisexual men and women living in same-sex households with another adult.

Academics then looked at changes in health insurance and healthcare following the equal marriage bill which came into effect back in 2015.

The results didn’t find the legalisation of gay marriage was notable for women and researchers claim that women were more likely to have children from previous relationships.

This meant they were more likely to travel to another state where same-sex marriage was legal before it became law in all of the US states.