Less than half of Americans believe people are born gay

US-Flag1Less than half of Americans believe that people are born gay, according to a recent Gallup poll. 42 percent of Americans surveyed said they believe people can be born gay, down from 2013, when 47 percent said the same. Meanwhile, 37 percent said they believed homosexuality is caused by external factors such as a person's upbringing. The survey found that University graduates, females, liberals, Democrats, high-income earners and people who don't attend church are most likely to believe that people can be born gay. Gallup officials said the lack of understanding surrounding homosexuality in the US may be due to "a lack of input from the scientific community, which historically has not shied away from offering its opinion on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender issues and questions". The poll was conducted earlier this month (May), and covered a total of 1,028 adults. Meanwhile, according to a survey conducted earlier this year, 53 percent of Americans now support gay marriage.