Lewis Hamilton likes tweets declaring he's 'done nothing wrong' after princess dress apology

Several tweets called Hamilton a legend and claimed he shouldn't have apologised


After apologising for publicly shaming his nephew for wearing a dress on Christmas Day, Lewis Hamilton has liked a number of tweets declaring he's done "nothing wrong". 

The Formula One racer caused backlash on Christmas Day after posting a video online in which he yelled at his nephew for wearing a princess costume.

The 32-year-old issued an apology in a series of tweets on Boxing Day where he claimed he realised his "words were inappropriate" and that he's "always been in support of anyone living their life exactly how they wish". 

But his apology would be far more believable if he wasn't liking a number of tweets by other users claiming he had done nothing wrong. 

One tweet read: "You've done absolutely nothing wrong Lewis. You should never have to apologise to the PC brigade who are getting worse every year. Have fun with your family and don't worry what others think. #TeamLH"

Another user wrote: "It's a sad world we live in. I didn't see / hear the tweet but it makes me sad that you have to apologise. You're a good man Lewis & anyone can see how much you value your family x"

Another tweet read: "Lewis we all know no harm was done by it. Sadly the Media have yet again wanted to intrude and spin a story out of nothing that wasn't meant to be taken in anyway negative. It makes me sad to see you needing to apologise for it but better yet for people to see that you're genuine." 

One user said people "need to get over this" before writing: "Are you not allowed to have a laugh and joke. His nephew is clearly sooo upset and distraught. Get a life people. Lewis you are a legend and don't need to apologise". 

Other users wrote:

"Lewis no harm done just having a joke with a child! The worlds gone mad with politically correctness, all the best champ".

"The fact you are apologising for this is ridiculous. You did nothing wrong, you were having a laugh with your family. Was your nephew offended? Nope? Then move on. You're still a legend. All the best champ".