LGB Alliance takes out newspaper ad saying trans women can't be lesbians

The move follows the Charity Commission granting the group charitable status last month


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Twitter

The LGB Alliance has taken out a full-page ad in Scottish newspaper The Herald saying trans women can't be lesbians.

Published yesterday, the ad poses the question 'What is a lesbian?', before urging readers not to vote for trans-inclusive candidates in today's Scottish Parliament election. 

The move follows the Charity Commission granting the group charitable status last month.

"We lesbians are also told we MUST use the person's 'preferred' pronouns"

The ad states that: "It doesn't matter if a person was born male takes no hormones and has no surgery, someone who 'identifies' as a woman - and as a lesbian - MUST be accepted as one.

"We lesbians are also told we MUST use the person's 'preferred pronouns' and be fine admitting the person into women's single-sex spaces.

"Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals have fought long and hard for equality as people who are same-SEX attracted. But if, as many politicians now argue, gender the way you feel is more important than our biological SEX our rights are completely undermined."

It later adds: "We believe a lesbian is a woman - an adult human female - who is attracted to other women. We also believe that single-sex spaces in prisons, women's refuges and changing rooms are necessary."

The LGB Alliance posted a picture of the ad on its official Twitter account, saying in an accompanying caption: "In the ad we placed in today’s Herald in Scotland, we ask a question no one should have to ask. Lesbians experience dual discrimination worldwide: homophobia plus misogyny. We will not allow same-sex sexual orientation to be redefined. #SexNotGender."

Actor David Paisley responded on Twitter: "Hey @ChtyCommission we have an election tomorrow in Scotland and LGB Alliance has published a political advert in the Scottish press.

"From your own guidance 'a charity cannot exist for a political purpose'. In addition, this advert 'demeans and denigrates' the rights of others."

Last month, author Juno Dawson told Attitude of the LGB Alliance's charitable status: "It’s really disappointing. I genuinely can’t understand what that group is doing to help gay, lesbian, and bi people. Not least because some trans people are lesbian, gay, or bi! I can’t get my head around it.

"I’m yet to see what it is they’re doing. Charities should help. But all I’m seeing is LGB Alliance making fun of trans people on social media. In my mind that is something the Charity Commission should have run a mile from."

Attitude has approached The Herald for comment.