LGBT icon The Babadook is now a sex toy, because why not

By now everyone knows that The Babadook is the world's favourite LGBT+ icon. A closet-dwelling monster, The Babadook is very obviously gay and just torments people to stir up drama. His exploits can be seen in the documentary film of his life, The Babadook, in which he trolls a mother and son in the aftermath of a father's death. On the advice of his business manager, The Babadook is diversifying his brand from pop-up books to sex toys. You could have your very own Babadook dildo very soon, thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we're not sure anybody asked for. "Behold the BabaDong, a high quality silicone dildo. The Babadong has a sturdy base, so you can strap it on and take it anywhere! Don't worry if it gets dirty on your adventures (which it most likely will...) because the BabaDong is dishwasher safe!" If you want to know the deets, The BabaDong is 7.5 inches from base to tip and has a girth of 5 3/4 in. around it thickest part. The dildo is the brainchild of an anomymous creator who goes by the name Billy Raygun, who hopes to raise money through the crowdfunding platform. "I've wanted to make sex toys for some time," Billy writes, "but I don't think a decent portion of my fan base will appreciate them. This campaign is a way for me to have the freedom to make what I want, and help people in the process! "The idea for the BabaDong hit me recently (just in time for pride month!) and I thought it would be a great way to put out a fun product, and help a cause I'm passionate about at the same time." The BabaDong will only go into production once the minimum goal is met, so if you want to get intimate with everyone's favourite embodiment of childhood grief and loneliness, you better make sure and donate. More stories: Shocking report finds that the Church of England ‘colluded’ to cover up sexual abuse Paracetamol makes you ‘less attracted to women’ and ‘less masculine’