'LGBT LinkedIn' helps connect LGBT people in the workplace

WorkPromotional feature myGwork was founded by London-based twins, Adrien and Pierre Gaubert, in a bid to help connect LGBT professionals with their dream jobs. Both brothers had suffered from homophobic attitudes and behaviour in their previous jobs, and the idea for myGwork was formed when their mother expressed her concern about their career prospects. “My mum was always worried we could not get a good job because we were gay,” says Adrien. “myGwork was created to address this issue, to make sure we are all given an equal chance to succeed in the workplace”. With the help of two friends, Nerea and Unai, the twins started to build myGwork. So how does it work? myGwork operates as a professional networking platform, allowing members to create their own profile, upload their CV and search for new job opportunities on the site. myGwork also allows members to ask for advice through direct interaction with other members or simply share their experiences. Members can also access a list of social events offering them additional offline networking opportunities. The concept of myGwork is that any organisation posting job vacancies through the site will have an LGBT-supportive ethos and a corporate culture that advocates diversity and inclusion, therefore assuring prospective employees that they will be accepted regardless of their sexual orientation. The myGwork blog compiles LGBT-related news articles for members, so that they can keep up to date with the latest issues that affect LGBT professionals in the workplace. myGwork started in the UK only a few months ago, but has quickly attracted global interest as individuals, organisations and businesses register. 3 “The number of users is growing at a rate of 100 new members per day, and we have received testimonies, encouragement and offers of collaboration from all over the world. This clearly shows both the need and enthusiasm for myGwork, and we are very excited about this growth, and the community interest in this venture,” says Adrien. myGwork’s aim is to soon provide all of its members in every part of the world the opportunity to apply for jobs in their countries. myGwork is not just a social networking or a job site. It also aims to tackle LGBT issues that have far reaching consequences. According to an OutNow report (2013):
  • UK businesses could have saved £661 million a year if it encouraged LGBT employees to come out at work
  • 1 out of 2 employees would have stayed with their employers had they felt comfortable coming out to their colleagues
  • 46% of people have encountered homophobia in the workplace in the last year in the UK only
“We hope myGwork will help remove the fear of coming out at work, which is beneficial to both the businesses and employees when they feel more confident about being themselves in the workplace. In turn we know that this leads to improved morale, productivity and staff retention – factors that benefit everyone in the working environment,” says Pierre. To sign up to myGwork please visit You can also follow myGwork on Facebook and Twitter.