Liam Gallagher slammed for homophobic tweet just days after Orlando shooting

Just days after one of the worst homophobic attacks in history, Liam Gallagher has been slammed for tweeting a series anti-gay slurs at Russian football fans. The tweet mocked Russian hooligans, who have been involved in violence in Marseille's Euro championships, calling them "batty boys" who'd he more worroried about having his "arse pinched" by. "Russian hooligans skintight shorts bumbags batty boy muscles ha ha I'd be more worried bout getting me arse pinched LG X". The tweet immediately sparked outrage online but Gallagher, who quit Oasis and tried to form his own group which sadly failed to ignite the charts, has thus far ignored the consternation. Coronation Street star Antony Cotton was among the first to respond, calling Gallagher's comments "ugly and upsetting" in the aftermath of Sunday's mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, which left 49 people dead. Another Twitter user referenced the vigil that took place in London on Monday night for the victims of the massacre, saying that thousands of people had stood together against homophobia and that Gallagher should "try doing the same". Gallagher, who's real name is William, is no stranger to controversy. He settled out of court after allegedly headbutting a fan and was later in the news after having his teeth knocked out by a German businessman. One tweeter gleefully made reference to the occasion, saying that "no 'batty boy' would have a problem laying you out". Another tweeter summed up the general sentiment in the LGBT community, putting simply: "Vile old twat". Well put! More stories: From shootings to suicide: Why homophobia remains as deadly as ever Making history: Prince William appears on the cover of Attitude