Liam Payne slams accusations of homophobia at 1D gig

Liam Payne has rubbished claims that he is homophobic regarding comments he made during One Direction's most recent gig. The 21-year-old took to Twitter to blast the "ridiculous" accusations, which came after he made a seemingly offhand comment during the group's concert in Columbus, Ohio, last night (August 18). liam According to JustJared, while introducing the band's song Girl Almighty on stage, Payne said: "This is my favourite song off the last album, and it is about trying to find that number one woman of your life… which none of you can relate to, because most of you are girls. "Except for the boys in here, you know what I’m talking about." After some fans construed the comments as homophobic, Liam took to Twitter to call the claims "ridiculous" and "insane" - though he did apologise for any offence he may have unintentionally caused. https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633866266130911232 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633866426986663936 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633867506785062912 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633867506785062912 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633867692471095296 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633867751182966784 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633868993468735488 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633869364882767872 https://twitter.com/Real_Liam_Payne/status/633873766033043456 Fans have rallied to defend Liam since he posted the tweets, reassuring him that they understood he wasn't trying to cause offence and starting the hashtag #WeLoveYouLiam, which currently remains the top trending hashtag worldwide. https://twitter.com/hannahmurph14/status/633917500984422400 https://twitter.com/abitofnxrry/status/633926238977945601 https://twitter.com/MonetPalomino70/status/633908153529163780 https://twitter.com/louisxxbae/status/633906096730673153 650px X 150px ATTITUDE TV BANNER More stories: Watch: Straight guy tries to tell the difference between a man and a woman’s kiss Watch: Sheffield student rugby team get naked for charity calendar