Lil Nas X and Dominic Fike make out in surreal new Brockhampton video

'Count On Me' is taken from Brockhampton's new album Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: YouTube

Lil Nas X has made a surprise appearance in the music video for Brockhampton's new single 'Count On Me'.

In the clip, the star is seen enjoying a road trip through a forest with fellow singer Dominic Fike, before stopping by a pond for a trippy make-out session.

The track is taken from the 13-member hip-hop boy band's new album Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine, which was released last week and has scored positive reviews.

Fike - who has collaborated with Brockhampton several times in the past - is known for songs like '3 Nights' and 'Chicken Tenders'.

"I want to make big gay pop songs"

Brockhampton's new single is to be one of their last: member Kevin Abstract this week confirmed to the LA Times that the band will break up this year.

Kevin, who is gay, told that publication: "You just got to know when to let go."

The star added that he was inspired by Lil Nas's recent success on the charts, saying: “I just want to make really big gay pop songs because of what he did.”

Lil Nas's new single 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' is supported by a conversation-generating video in which the star pole dances down to Hell and gives Satan a lapdance.

Kevin added what moved him about the album was "seeing him be happy while being gay while being a Black man. It’s not a ‘Brokeback Mountain’ story where he’s sad. I think that’s easier for people to process: ‘Oh, it’s so unfortunate that you’re gay.’

“And I think we helped open the door for someone like him. Before our first album, there weren’t many rappers being super stoked on being gay. But the way we talked about it was braggadocious in the way Lil Wayne is. That helps normalize it.”

Commented one fan on the 'Count On Me' YouTube page: "The new king of hell himself climbed up the stripper pole to have a date with Dominic Fike and I don't blame him."

'Montero' has hit number one in countries like the US and the UK, plus Spotify's global song chart, and individual country Spotify charts like Saudi Arabia, which carries the death penalty for gay sex.

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