Lil Nas X drops teaser for 'Industry Baby' video - and it's giving us 'Telephone' vibes

"Lil Nas X, I sentence you to five years in Montero state prison..."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: YouTube/LilNasX

He's ushered in the return of the 'event' music video - so it's only fitting Lil Nas X's new 'Industry Baby' visual has echoes of Lady Gaga's blockbuster 'Telephone'.

In a teaser released yesterday, the star is seen playing an elderly judge, a shifty layer with a mullet, and, finally, himself - in an orange jumpsuit.

After confirming he's gay, the judge sentences him to "five years in Montero state prison". But what happens next? Will it feature smoking cigarette sunglasses and Diet Coke cans?

And more importantly, will it be as homoerotic as his last video, for 'Montero (Call me By Your Name)', which saw him pole dancing down to hell and giving Satan a lapdance?

"I can't believe I might be going to jail"

Just as 'Telephone' referenced Gaga's public persona and press coverage, the 'Industry Baby' prelude references Lil Nas's controversy from earlier this year over his 'Satanic' Nike shoes.

Released in March 2021 to promote 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)', the shoe collaboration between Lil Nas and the New York-based organisation MSCHF featured Satanist symbols and a drop of human blood in the bubble soles. 

In April, Nike said MSCHF agreed to issue a voluntary recall of the $1,018 (£740) modified Nike Air Max 97s as part of a legal settlement.

Referencing the story in a tweet yesterday, Lil Nas X said: "all jokes aside i can’t believe i might be going to jail. who’s going to make mildly funny tweets about being gay while i’m away [sic]."

'Industry Baby' is produced by Kanye West and features rapper Jack Harlow - best known for the 2020 number two Billboard Hot 100 hit 'What's Poppin'. The release date is 23 July.

'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' topped the singles charts in Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is currently the fourth biggest-selling single of the year in the latter territory.

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