Lily Allen "grateful to be alive" after gas explosion

Lily Allen has said she feels "grateful to be alive" following a gas explosion in her holiday caravan. TheĀ Hard Out HereĀ singer posted a photo on Instagram and issued a warning to festival-goers after suffering minor burns when a gas stove ignited in her face on Saturday (June 20). https://instagram.com/p/4KYOFvwMYM/ The 30-year-old mother of two, who has been holidaying with her family in Gloucestershire, wrote: "I was in a gas explosion in my caravan today and I have minor burns and synced [sic] my eyelashes considerably. It was absolutely terrifying and I wouldn't want anyone to go through anything similar. "Please be SO careful using gas stoves at anytime but especially during festival season when ones reaction times may be a little off." She added: "Feeling very grateful to be alive. Happy camping". More stories: What's it like to be a gay man who's married to a woman? Pitcairn Islands, population 48, legalise equal marriage