Lily Allen, Marina and the Diamonds voice concerns over Tidal

A number of musicians have shared their concerns with Jay Z's new high-definition music streaming service TIDAL. The artist-owned platform, which is backed by the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Madonna and Nicki Minaj, costs £20 per month and - unlike Spotify - offers music fans no way to listen for free. madonna-tidal-sign-contract TIDAL was launched in the wake of Taylor Swift's decision to remove her entire discography from Spotify  earlier this year over claims that the service fails to offer artists enough money in return for streams of their tracks. Following the launch earlier this week, Lily Allen has slammed the service in a succession of Twitter posts, suggesting that the artists involved in TIDAL are being greedy and that singers with less of a global fanbase are going to "suffer as a result". https://twitter.com/lilyallen/status/582702784413302784 https://twitter.com/lilyallen/status/582702265028513792 https://twitter.com/lilyallen/status/582693896213434369 Meanwhile, FROOT singer Marina and the Diamonds has criticised Jay Z for using the #TIDALforall hashtag during the service's launch, suggesting that "not everyone has £240 a year" to spend on streaming music. https://twitter.com/MarinasDiamonds/status/583395473781870592 https://twitter.com/MarinasDiamonds/status/583398248158736384 More Stories: Destiny’s Child reunite for live performance at Stellar Gospel Music Awards Madonna dancers recreate ‘Vogue’ to celebrate 25th anniversary