Listen: Radio producer surprises hosts by coming out live on air

New Jersey radio producer Joe Votruba made a surprise announcement when he was called on to offer an anecdote live on air during the Deminski & Doyle Show, which he produces. Votruba's unexpected announcement took hosts Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle by surprise. While discussing whether it's a good idea to stay friends with your ex, the hosts called on Joe to offer his two cents on the issue. “I can give you a story," he said. "This story has to come with an announcement first of all. I’m gay. But we’ll talk about that later.” "We spent the hour debating whether or not it’s ever okay to remain friends with an ex," the hosts wrote on the show's website. "Joe chimed in with a story of his own, but he buried the lead. Little did we know that this was going to be the moment when Joe V decided to announce to the audience that he’s gay. We are so happy for him that he did, though!" Listen to Joe's announcement in full below: And here's what Joe had to say about it after the event: In an email to Queerty, Joe said that, while not all the response from the show's largely conservative audience has been supportive, he's happy he decided to take the plunge: "I’ve received an incredible amount of support and acceptance since sharing the news with our audience. It’s truly been overwhelming. Of course I’ve also heard from people who do not support me or simply don’t think homosexuality is worthy of conversation… and that’s ok. It’s important for those opinions to be seen and heard as the push for gay acceptance continues," he says. More stories: Watch: Whoopi Goldberg speaks out about Matt Damon controversy Watch: Lorde and Disclosure debut brilliant ‘Magnets’ video