Little Mix have penned a song for the trans community, Jade Thirlwall reveals

Thirlwall says they hope to "raise awareness" with the new track.


Little Mix have a new track in the works that will celebrate and raise awareness of the transgender community, Jade Thirlwall has revealed.

The track, co-written with long-time collaborator Camille Purcell, is yet to be recorded but Jade told Gaydio that she is "on the case".

"[We] thought it would be a great trans awareness song," she said about the new track. "It's so important. We are always trying to raise awareness.

"I think we have a duty to really, we've got such a massive LGBT fan base and I want to make sure that we practise what we preach and we are walking the walk instead of talking the talk."

The girls returned to the charts a couple of weeks ago with 80s synth-bop 'Break Up Song', in which they take aim at their exes.

The group – and Jade in particular – have been vocal allies to the LGBTQ community. Jade has marched with Stonewall in Pride parades before, and the group's album track 'Secret Love Song Pt. II' has been adopted by queer fans for its lyrics paralleling the LGBTQ experience.

In 2018, Jade and bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock accepted the Honorary Gay Award at the Attitude Awards on behalf of the band, where they paid tribute to the LGBTQ community.

Jade's previously said that the group have taken the time to educate themselves about issues so that they can incorparate them into their music from an "educated" perspective.

"We were scared to say the wrong thing, basically. We didn't want to talk about something if we felt we weren't truly educated in it.

"But there's a change that comes with age, and also learning more about what's going on in the world.

"I think we're all doing that more in general, about things we're passionate about – whether it's women's rights, LGBTQ issues or Black Lives Matter."

Their upcoming sixth album is expected this year – fingers crossed Jade gets that trans awareness song onto the tracklist.