London-based party collective Sink the Pink has teamed up with Open Sea Cruises for a fabulous cruise



RuPaul and Icona Pop are just some of the names lined up for a new LGBT+ cruise in partnership with Sink the Pink.

This summer, Open Sea Cruises announced a partnership with Axel Hotel Group and London-based party collective Sink the Pink to launch a brand new gay cruise that will revolutionise the gay sailing experience.

Between September and October, the cruise will sail around the Mediterranean and will feature Europe’s best parties, wellness and leisure facilities, international music stars including the Vengaboys and live shows from Icona Pop, RuPaul, and Conchita Wurst.

Sounds great right?

Starting in Barcelona, the ship will make stops over one week in some of the world’s most exotic destinations including Ajaccio, Toulon, Palamos and Ibiza.

The Open Sea Cruises x Axel ship can carry more than 1,400 passengers and is sponsored by mainstream non-circuit bars from around the world including London’s KuBar and Circa.

Each night on the seven-day cruise features a different theme such as circus, white party in Ibiza, cabaret and back to the 90s.

After dancing all night long, the cruise offers options to cure the dreaded hangover, and with three jacuzzis, a sauna, and beauty salon, you’ll be able to pamper yourself to perfection.

The ship also features a full gym as well as cooking classes, yoga, and meditation workshops.

To make it even more enticing, Open Sea has teamed up with London-based party collective Sink The Pink to make the cruise as inclusive and welcoming as any of their events.

It’s like a family reunion with all your favourite nutty aunts from Sink the Pink.

Up to 10 of the longest running girls strike up the stage from their reigning Miss Sink The Pink ‘Grace Shush’ to number one sexy cat Georgie Bee, Le Fil, Jonbenet Blonde, Asstina Mandella, and hostess with the biggest feet in dragland Ginger Johnson.

Jonbenet Blonde

In a Q&A with Attitude, Sink The Pink introduced us to the team they’re bringing onboard, and teased what could be expected from the cruise:

What's your favourite Sink The Pink memory? 

Jonbenet Blonde: The fact that I have spent a decade knowing amazing friends and seeing how it’s grown from performing to 50 people to 5,000 people at Brixton Academy. Its been a dream come true, there’s been too many good memories.

Ginger Johnson: Being banned from Butlins for LIFE after the first Mighty Hoopla because the party was too much for them to handle.

Grace Shush: Finding a room of air-conditioning back stage at pride?… Joking! For me I still cannot believe I have the facilities to do show stopping numbers! 

Georgie Bee

Georgie Bee: Performing our Drag Version of The Versace Tribute show at Miss Sink The Pink 2018 which was held at The Roundhouse.

Asstina Mandella: Getting into bed after a ball! Haha I’m joking though I do enjoy that! Hehe. There are so many memories it’s hard to choose from. One of my top favourite moments was at the recent ball—the curtain lifted up and there was a sea of people cheering and screaming! That moment and every moment like that fill my heart with joy.

Le Fil: Ooooh performing on stage with my childhood idol, Spice Girl Melanie C!!! Literally at junior school, I managed to coerce a few straight boys to join me in school assembly and perform as the Spice Boys. Then lo and behold a few (and a few more) years later, I get to whip my hair around with her!

What makes you most excited to be joining the very first Open Sea Cruise?

Jonbenet: We’re out on the ocean, and from what I hear there are no laws… JOKING. It’s that we get another amazing Sink The Pink adventure and get to spread our message of be safe, have fun and fuck things up!

Ginger Johnson

Ginger: Getting to put the 'poop' back in poop deck.

Grace: To live my Titanic Rose at the front of the ship fantasy, with a piece of chiffon and minus the sinking.

Georgie: Sun, Sea and Sangria babes!

Asstina: That I get to go on a cruise again, perform with my STP Family, and the different food :) 

Le Fil: All you can eat buffets and sea-men everywhere!

Grace Shush

What can people expect to find at your party on Friday night? What makes it special? 

We are the big finale for the cruise so we’ll be sending everyone out in true Sink the Pink style—smear on some lippy and shimmy on to the dance floor! Be prepared to get sweaty babes, it’s going to be drag workout you’ll never forget. 

We have a sort of energy that catches quickly from people being mesmerized by all the colour and amazing looks. People want to join in immediately, so we throw some glitter on them and they become a part of the family too. That’s what makes it special – we’re all in it together.


Why is Sink The Pink the perfect partner for Open Sea Cruises? What makes you most excited about bringing your party onboard?

Like Open Sea, we open our doors to everyone. Everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated, that’s our motto at Sink The Pink. The only requirement is to have a good time! Lose all inhibitions and get involved.

Le Fil

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