London bus driver sparks outrage after publicly humiliating man for wearing high heels

The driver has insisted he's "not homophobic" after the clip was shared online.


A London bus driver has sparked outrage after footage of him publicly humiliating a man for wearing high heels was shared online.

In footage share don social media, the unnamed driver can be seen walking alongside a man wearing black heels before telling him it's “too early” for this “bomboclat”.

Bomboclat is a Jamaican expression which conveys surprise or shock.

The man in heels attempts to walk away after realising he is being filmed, but the bus driver continues to film him, asking him: "What do you do man?"

The 30-second clip was widely condemned online, and the driver later apoologised, insisting he didn't intend to cause the man any "distress".

The bus driver also asked to remain anonymous - a courtesy he failed to afford to the man in heels when filming him.

The Transport for London employee told Gay Star News: “I don’t have any issue regarding people’s sexuality. Hand on my heart. Someone could’ve been wearing space boots and I would’ve said the same thing.”

He added that he was “extremely upset” he had been branded homophobic following the incident.

“If I could meet the guy I would apologise,” the driver continued. “I didn’t mean to go out there to distress him like that.

“I’m gutted. I’ve sat here all afternoon calling and emailing trying to get a hold of Instagram and Facebook to remove the video. It’s not who I am. I’m not homophobic.”

He added: “I truly am sorry if anyone’s taken offence. I didn’t say anything derogatory about him. I’m really embarrassed and saddened and quite emotional.”

Transport for London confirmed that they had launched an investigation into the incident, which took place in Merton, south London.

Claire Mann, TfL’s Director of Bus Operations, said: “This behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“We expect the highest standards from London bus drivers, and we are working with the bus operator to investigate this incident and to ensure the appropriate action is taken immediately.”