London commuter challenged to sing Lady Gaga's 'Shallow', and a star is born - WATCH

Pop music has a new queen - and she'll have her coffee to go.


You know how it is, you're on the way to work, coffee in hand, daydreaming about a life of musical superstardom, when your moment unexpectedly ARRIVES.

Such was the case for one London commuter this week, who, after being approached by a YouTuber and challenged to finish the lyrics to Lady Gaga's 'Shallow', grabbed her opportunity with both hands and refused to let go. 

The YouTuber in question, Kevin Freshwater, was filming a 'Finish the Lyrics' challenge video when he approached the woman at an Underground station and asked her to sing Gaga's Grammy-winning number from A Star Is Born.

The woman looks taken aback before sweetly completing the lyrics in pitch-perfect tone.

When Freshwater replies: "Wow, you're really good - keep going!", she takes a moment, before belting out a stunning rendition of the song's chorus - and cementing viral fame in the process.

Asked by a shocked Freshwater whether she's a singer, the woman coyly replies "Yes" as she walks off.

As it turns out, the woman is in fact a singer by the name of Charlotte Awbery, whose unexpectedly powerful impromptu performance has already racked up almost 12 million views on Facebook.

Of course, the internet has wasted no time in crowning her the new queen of pop, with thousands flocking to follow her on Instagram over the last 48 hours, and others on Twitter calling for her to be given a record deal.

And if there was any lingering doubt as to Awbery's gay icon credentials, the last post on her Instagram feed - shared a week ago before the onset of her new viral fame - shows her singing Judy Garland's 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' in leather-look leggings.

All hail our new queen.

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