London commuters stand up to homophobia in public - WATCH

One man threatens to 'knock out' the homophobe in a social experiment by YouTuber Julius Dien.


Would you stand up for someone if you saw them being the victim of homophobic abuse?

Well, internet personality Julius Dien has taken to the streets and tubes of London to film a social experiment that test the reaction of London commuters to homophobia in public.

The video sees Julius's friends, Adam Ward and Josh Green, hold hands and kiss in public, before Julius promptly starts hurling abuse at them. The rest is down to the people sat nearby.

Most of the responses to Julius's homophobia are vocally supportive of the couple, with many members of the public telling him to leave the vicinity, lecturing him on common courtesy, or, in the case of one bloke, get so irate with his intolerance that that they threaten to "knock him out" if he doesn't pipe down.

However, the video does show one man who, instead of condemning the abuse, actually joins in himself. "If you're gonna do that, do it somewhere else. They got more rights than we have nowadays," he says.

Thankfully however, the majority are all-too-willing to speak up and turn the tables on the homophobe. Consider our faith in humanity restored. Watch the social experiment below: