London Police Sergeant dismissed over homophobic comments

A London policeman has been dismissed immediately without notice after he made homophobic and sexist remarks towards, and in the presence of, his colleagues. Pink News reports that the Gross Misconduct Heading found Mark Goodenough, a 47-year-old Metropolitan Police Sergeant, guilty of 14 gross misconduct allegations made during August 2012 and December 2013. The Waltham Forest Borough police sergeant, who led a response team of 12 officers, was originally answering to 18 allegations of gross misconduct and was also accused of breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Equality and Diversity, Authority, Respect and Courtesy. During the public hearing, the first of its kind since transparency rules were introduced back in May, The Independent reported that Goodenough told a young gay recruit he “screamed like a little girl” when a venomous spider was thrown at him, and likened the officer's slim build to an “HIV diet". He also referred to another officer as the “short lesbian”, wondered how another fat officer had managed to find a girlfriend, and said “what a gay” about someone complained about having hurt their finger. Words by TROY NANKERVIS.