Looking for premium male makeup? MMUK MAN has got what you are searching for



Chanel has this month launched an exclusive range of makeup products, designed specifically for men, Boy De Chanel.

Featuring a lip balm, foundation and deluxe eyebrow pencil, the collection hit the high streets of South Korea last week and the reaction from within the beauty industry has been huge.

Of course, Chanel isn’t the first major fashion label to launch male makeup into the beauty stratosphere. Let’s have a quick rewind to 2015, where fashion house Tom Ford released a concealer, brow definer and lip balm, all designed specifically for the growing needs of the discerning man.

Proving that premium doesn’t have to be pretentious, labels such as Chanel and Tom Ford are undoubtedly shifting the plate tectonics of modern day beauty faster than any of us thought possible.

Not to mention, the reaction when YSL dropped the male version of their iconic Touche Eclat back in the day, when most gay guys went berserk!

"When gay men discovered Touche Eclat the whole game changed," ageing expert Stuart Miles told Attitude earlier this year and you know what? He couldn’t have got it more spot on!

"It’s great to see luxe brands, such as Chanel supporting both sexes with their latest ‘Chanel For Men’ cosmetics range."

Instagram beauty king Danny Defreitas told Attitude: "I hope this will bring a sense of inclusion to men who are passionate about male grooming.

"It can sometimes be off putting to some when branding and packaging is clearly targeted towards one gender. This is also a step closer to having genderless makeup, as I truly believe that makeup is for everyone."

There is one more premium brand that has taken the concept of men’s makeup and continued to roll with it since 2011 - MMUK MAN.

It is through their rapid growth that we see the true evolution of this quickly emerging male market segment.

Starting from relatively modest routes, MMUK MAN began their journey with a small collection of just eight makeup for men products, which included concealer, foundation, primer, anti-shine powder and bronzer. 

Today, the brand boasts a captivating collection of more than 60 luxury male cosmetic products and last year, became available at major fashion label ASOS - proving that men and makeup is no longer an outdated conundrum blurring gender lines, but is instead simply a matter of just good style.

The brand’s mission to become a global beauty leader by the end of 2019 looks firmly on track. With their expansion this year alone to more than fifty retailers in 23 countries, MMUK look set to be letters no longer whispered by growingly grooming obsessed men - but instead shouted from the rooftops, as the brand continues to bulldozer the boundaries of beauty.

MMUK MAN founder Alex Dalley exclusively told Attitude: "The true beauty with the launch of men’s makeup lines from the likes of Chanel and Tom Ford are that they are raising awareness and acceptance of male makeup right across the globe.

"The chief of L’Oreal Vismay Sharma came out last year stating that he expects there to be male makeup counters in stores within five to seven years, but I personally think it could be even sooner.

"We’ve recently opened our first store in Brighton and with its early success, we’re already looking at replicating something similar in London. Gentleman need a place on the high street where they can shop for cosmetics with complete confidence."

With the MMUK MAN collection now featuring a lip pencil, beard filler, mascara, ‘guyliner’ and even a selection of gorgeous contour palettes - reflecting the diverse needs of today’s beauty boys - they are undoubtedly at the forefront of an industry that shows no signs of losing momentum.