'Looking' star urges producers to bring back the show

Could Looking be coming back to TV in the future? Starring Jonathon Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett, Looking hit the airwaves back in January 2014, but came in for a fair degree of criticism over the course of its two-season run before eventually being cancelled and concluding last year with a feature-length finale episode. Despite it's detractors, the show had a dedicated fan base who remain vocal about their love for the show even now. Daniel Franzese, who starred in series two, took to Twitter following the release of Will & Grace's new trailer earlier this week to demand TV execs bring back Looking too. "Will and Grace is coming back. Roseanne is coming back. Twin Peaks in coming back. Can we please get @LookingHBO back? I miss everyone," he told fans. Earlier this year while discussing the expectation placed on television shows dealing with LGBT issues, Andrew Rannalls told Vulture he witnessed a similar thing happen with his Girls co-star Lena Dunham, who was held up as a millennial feminist spokesperson when the show first debuted back in 2012. “Too much pressure,” he explained. “I experienced that with Lena too — that Lena is somehow supposed to represent every young woman, and that’s not what she set out to do. She never claimed that.” He continued: “I think Looking had some of that, too. These guys are just telling a story about these people! They’re not supposed to represent every gay man in America! It’s just this group of friends, that’s all.”