'Looking's Jonathon Groff reveals Patrick and Kevin's relationship was inspired by his ex

With two seasons and a movie under its belt, HBO's landmark series Looking has cemented itself as a cult-favourite within the community and as one of the show's stars, Jonathon Groff, described it, a "time-capsule" of gay life in modern-day San Francisco. The show was praised for showing a realistic side of modern gay men, and Jonathon Groff, who played Patrick on the show, has offered up an explanation as to why his character was so believable - he was based directly on Groff's love life. "I’ve never played a character that hit so close to the bone," the former Attitude cover star says in an upcoming photo biography of the show, which came to an end in July with a feature-length finale that tied up some of the gang's many loose ends. "It felt like an extension of myself taking place in the present. Trying to figure out what it means to be gay. Patrick and I are from the same generation of gay men so it has been so real for me." Patrick's character found himself in a polarising on-off relationship with Kevin, played by Russell Tovey, during the show's run, and it turns out the turbulent relationship was in fact based on one Groff experienced himself. "I had told Andrew [Haigh, the show's director] of a break-up I had where the other guy wanted to be in an open relationship - so he wrote that situation for Patrick and Kevin," he said. More stories: Professional skateboarding star Brian Anderson comes out as gay Here’s the proof that Britney’s male back-up dancers are a gift from God(ney) – PICS