Loose Women in hot water over 'offensive' gay best friend discussion

Correction: The original version of this story mistakenly claimed that Loose Women bosses had apologised for the segment. No official statement has been made. The Loose Women ladies have come under fire online after asking there fans whether "every woman should have a gay best friend" on their Facebook page. The show posted the question  on Facebook yesterday (November 24), asking followers "SHOULD EVERY WOMAN HAVE A GAY BEST FRIEND?" It continued: "A new study has found that becoming friends with gay men may be a key part of women's ‘mating strategies’ by making them less threatening to other women - and more appealing to straight men. "Do you think every woman should have a male gay best friend? Why do you think a friendship between a woman and a gay man is so special?" This was followed up on Thursday's show, with host Ruth describing gay men as a "must-have accessory." A number of people criticised the conversation topic for relying on stereotypes and treating gay men as accessories. One person called the show out for "casual homophobia," while another wrote, "Shame you're focusing on gay stereotypes. Our sexuality doesn't define if we are a good friend or not. We're not token symbols!" Another simply wrote, "I am not a fucking accessory." The controversy comes less than 10 days after the daytime talk show welcomed its first transgender panellist, having draw criticism last year for an “uneducated” and “unacceptable” discussion about transgender issues during which it was labelled the new ‘in’ thing with adolescents, like self-harm and bulimia. More stories: 13-year-old boy took his own life ‘after years of homophobic bullying’ Russell Tovey: ‘Being gay is the best thing that ever happened to me’