Lorraine Kelly on why her TV show is LGBTQ-inclusive: 'It has to reflect my values'

Exclusive: "Everybody gets treated exactly the same on my show,'" star tells Attitude backstage at Student Pride 2021


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: National Student Pride/Aaron Hargreaves

Lorraine Kelly has discussed the importance of her TV show being an LGBTQ-inclusive environment, saying: "The show's got my name on it, so it has to reflect the values I have."

The TV star has presented on various ITV morning shows, including her eponymous programme Lorraine since 2010.

Speaking to Attitude backstage at National Student Pride in London this week, Lorraine said: "We've always been like that. That's what we try to do. Everybody gets treated exactly the same, and it's important for us to break down barriers all the time."

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The star's comments precede her appearance on Student Pride's Cheers, Queers quiz show featuring Drag Race UK's Tia Kofi and Lawrence Chaney this Sunday 25 April at 7pm (sign up to watch here).

"You chat to people and go: 'You're just like me"'

Discussing past Lorraine guests, the star said: "We've had Jake and Hannah [Graf] on with their beautiful daughter, and people going through a tough time no matter their sexuality. You chat to people and go: 'You're just like me, you have the same problems that I have."

Asked what issue impacting the LGBTQ community is most on her mind at the moment, the former Attitude cover girl said: "I think equality and acceptance, and everybody treating everybody exactly the same. That's what I always try to do on the show. Understanding and kindness. If this [last] year's taught us anything, it's that we should be a bit kinder to one and other."

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