Lorraine Kelly perfectly shuts down TERF Sharron Davies after she compares drag to 'black face'

The TV host got her own drag treatment while covering Attitude’s ‘Activists & Allies’ January issue


Words: Steve Brown

Lorraine Kelly has proven once again that she is an ally after shutting down TERF Sharron Davies after she compared drag to 'black face'.

Sharron - a renowned TERF who once said that 'binary sex matters' in an anti-trans Twitter post - recently took to social media again to target the drag community where she compared drag queens to 'black face'.

She wrote: "Am I the only person fed up of drag shows? A parody of what a real woman is, like black face.

"Woman are juggling kids, rushing out a wholesome dinner, doing the laundry & cleaning, holding down a job all with period pains & leaky boobs if breast feeding. Enough of the stereotypes."

But luckily, Lorraine - who transformed into Morning Gloria by the Drag SOS team exclusively for Attitude’s ‘Activists & Allies’ January issue - was on hand to hit back at the renowned transphobe and perfectly put her in her place.

Lorraine wrote: "Oh Sharon. You can’t underestimate the power of drag and how it empowers people who often feel like outsiders - they can find their family, grow in confidence, learn to love themselves and be who they really are.

"It can literally save lives. And it’s such a lot of FUN!"

This isn't the first time Lorraine has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community and she exclusively tells us how she's "very uncomfortable" with the current trend of broadcasters inviting transphobes to 'debate' transgender equality on-air.

“To me, that’s just somebody who is so bigoted and homophobic, and never gets called out on it enough," she says.

"That’s shameful and harmful, and kids are getting bullied and it’s almost like they enable that to happen.

“They might not realise that that’s what they’re doing, but they are. And I just think sometimes you have to go, ‘*Ahem*, excuse me!’”

Lorraine goes on: "We’re all entitled to our points of view when it comes to politics and all of that, but if something’s actually wrong, it doesn’t matter whether you’re really left, right or you’re in the middle, I don’t care what party you’re in.

"And you’ve got people like Esther McVey and Ann Widdecombe with their stance on the whole LGBT community, which is just wrong.

"I don’t find that political, I just find that this is either right, or it isn’t."

She adds: "My point of view is that if something’s unjust, or not right, you should call it."

Read the full interview with Lorraine in Attitude's January 'Activists & Allies' issue, out now.

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