Lost Glastonbury pooch 'Doggy Parton' reunited with owners

ad_139730269A dog thought to have been abandoned at Glastonbury Festival last month (June) - which Dolly Parton promised to adopt if no-one came forward - has now been claimed by its owners. Parton performed an already-legendary set at the Somerset festival on June 29, and after the press dubbed the abandoned mutt 'Doggy Parton', the singer vowed to take her home to America if she remained unclaimed. The country legend gave an update on the pooch's housing situation during a conference call in Stockholm earlier this week (July 10), Rolling Stone reports. "We got a call that the true owners did come forward," Parton explained. "[The owners] had reported a dog missing but there was a language barrier. I think they were from another country. They got the dog back, everybody feels good about it." Parton then revealed that she had already thought of a name for the abandoned dog if she went on to adopt it. "I was gonna rename her 'Glassie' because of Glastonbury... I was gonna say 'Glassie come home'," Parton said. "I would have called her 'Glassie Doggy Parton'." The Happy Landings animal shelter - which has been looking after 'Doggy Parton' since she was found at Glastonbury - confirmed that the dog has now been reunited with its owners, reports local newspaper the  Shepton Mallet Journal. "Although we have concerns and unanswered questions, legally we have to hand her back," the shelter said. The dog was delighted to see her owners and vice versa. There have been tears all round." Parton's Glastonbury set drew rave reviews and a record crowd of over 100,000 revellers, but the singer was later forced to deny accusations that she mimed her performance. Click here for the full story. Watch Parton's original offer to adopt the dog below:

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