Lover: The new app that serves as your personal sex therapist

In partnership with Lover.


Given the year we've had, we all know the importance of prioritising our mental and physical health - but sexual health and wellness is another vital aspect of our lives we shouldn't be letting fall by the wayside.

Lover is a new app that serves as your own round-the-clock sex therapist, offering practical and expert-driven solutions for everything from erection problems and involuntary ejaculation, to low sex drive and relationship issues.

Lover’s interactive courses are effective for anyone looking to level up their sex lives. In fact, 87% of users said they had seen an improvement in their sex life after just one week of using the app.

When it comes to seeking help for sexual problems, people are often squeamish. Lover points to scientific studies showing that although around 50% of women and 34% of men will experience a sexual complaint at some point in their life, a massive 90% of them will never seek help for their issue.  

Lover offers a private but empowering solution by distilling decades of scientific research and therapy experience into their bitesize, easy to follow treatment courses. 

Harnessing the power of mindfulness to address issues like erectile dysfunction, the app's 'Getting Hard, Made Easy' course has seen 94% of users reporting improvements. Which makes it significantly more effective than Viagra (shown to be 66% effective in studies). 

A community forum also sees Lover's in-house expert Dr. Britney Blair answer questions from users: From open relationships to porn addictions & strap-on sex, Lover offers an enlightening look at modern sex.

With a seven-day free trial to get you started and plenty of, erm, personal time to kill in lockdown, there's never been a better time to focus on sexual satisfaction. 

Download the Lover app to your mobile or tablet device now.