Lucian Piane slams RuPaul in social media storm, claims show 'bastardised drag'

RuPaul’s longtime producer and songwriter Lucian Piane has slammed the show during a heated social media rampage. According to Gay Star News, Piane took to Instagram and Twitter on Thursday (February 23) and said, "RuPaul is a sham." His following post explained why, "RuPaul cares about money more than he cares about YOU. Ask any of the queens." As Piane's rampage continued, his posts became even more heated. "RuPaul's Drag Race has bastardised drag. I'd like to think it started with the best intentions but RuPaul and World of Wonder have ruined a sacred art form... They caved, they compromised." According to Gay Star News, the rampage began after RuPaul failed to return his texts while Piane "struggled to make ends meet" and was "ostracised" by his community. He also wrote that RuPaul "has the shocking nerve to tweet about having compassion. That is hypocrisy. The ultimate mental illness." Eventually, Piane admitted defeat in another Instagram post directed at RuPaul. "I apologise for my public disrespect of you," Liane writes. "I acted out of anger and hurt and it was unforgivable of me. I irresponsibly handled my pain. my friends expressed their hurt and confusion over my actions this past year and asked me to delete certain posts and write a public apology."


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He adds, "Willingly I agreed and hoped I could rebuild some of the damage I had caused." However, this wasn't Piane's first social media meltdown as he sparked outrage and concern last November with a series of tweets in which he attacked everyone from RuPaul and Anderson Cooper to Madonna and Lady Gaga, before going on a racist and anti-Semitic rant. More stories: Colton Haynes shares cute-as-hell bedroom snap with new boyfriend Inspiring story of forbidden love discovered in Word War Two letters between two men