Macbeth hits cinemas: Michael Fassbender's hottest moments

In just a few short years X-Men's Michael Fassbender has become one of the world's premiere crushes, and as he arrived back on the big screen in Justin Kurzel's bloody take on Shakespeare classic Macbeth last Friday (October 2), it quickly became clear that the 38-year-old was set to add to his CV of sexy moments... mac mac2 We've already decided that the bold and bloody reworking is one of this year's total must-sees (you can read our 5 star review here), but if you're still on the fence, hopefully a more in-depth assessment of Macbeth's main selling point should help make up your mind... fassbender1 fassbender4 fassbender2 Fass9 Fass19 Fass8 Fass1 Fass6 Fass2 Fass7 Fass4-759x1024 Fass5-1024x639 Fass10 Rest assured, if we were Lady Macbeth we wouldn't be washing those hands *ever* again. More stories: Clean Bandit's Neil Milan hits out at fans who say they want to 'rape' him Parry Glasspool bares bum in Hollyoaks shower scenes