Madonna flagged by Instagram for spreading coronavirus conspiracy theory

Girl Gone Wild… for fake news.


Madonna crossed the (border)line when she shared coronavirus conspiracy theories with her 15 million followers on Instagram.

The queen of pop received a slap on the wrist after posting a video in which she claimed a vaccine for COVID-19 has “been found and proven and has been available for months.”

“They would rather let fear control the people and let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” she added.

In the controversial clip, Dr Stella Immanuel, a medic from Houston, Texas, spouts that she has successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine.

She was speaking with a group called America’s Frontline Doctors outside the US Supreme Court building, at an event organised by Tea Party Patriots Action.

Initially, Instagram blurred the video and captioned it: “False Information,” before directing users to another page clarifying that there is currently no vaccine.

Bosses then removed the vid altogether – but not before fans and peers had, had a chance to criticise Madge, 61, for spreading the news in the first place.

Fellow music legend Annie Lennox expressed her disbelief that Madonna could be so, ahem, ‘Hung Up’ on such nonsense.

“This is utter madness!!!” she wrote. “I can’t believe that you are endorsing this dangerous quackery. Hopefully your site has been hacked and you’re just about to explain it.”

Donald Trump Jr had previously been banned from tweeting for 14 hours for sharing the same clip on his account.

In March, the mum of six made a splash when she described the pandemic as “the great equaliser”, whilst sat in a petal-filled bath.

 “What’s terrible about it is that it’s made us all equal in many ways, and what’s wonderful about is, is that it’s made us all equal in many ways,” she said.

The 'Papa Don’t Preach' singer later revealed she’d tested positive for antibodies, hinting that she now had immunity.

"So tomorrow I'm just going to go on a long drive in a car, roll down the windows and I'm going to breathe in the Covid-19 air," she explained.

According to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, Madonna has made a €1m donation to a fund organised by the EU to find a vaccine for Covid-19.