Madonna takes a fall at the BRITs, recovers in style

Madonna promised that her BRITs closing performance would be memorable - and it sure was. Perhaps not for the right reasons, though. B-uRGDpW4AAVPzq As the Queen of Pop launched into her current single, Living For Love, a backup dancer moved to pull her long red cape off her in one swift move. Only problem is, Madonna came with the cape - and took a pretty hard tumble backwards down the stage. The gays of the nation held their collective breath as Madonna, clearly hurt, scrambled to compose herself. And you know what? SHE DID. We still love ya, Madge. If anything, this little boo-boo made you seem a bit more vulnerable and human. We just hope you're not feeling too bruised. Have a look at the tumble below - if you can handle it:   UPDATE: Folks, she's OK. Madonna just took to Instagram to say she's feeling 'fine' after the performance and thanking fans for their good wishes: madge