Madonna's Instagram Hall of Fame

Here's what happened when the Queen of Pop joined social media... February 2013: Yeah, still learning how to take a selfie. madgesweat May 2013: Just doing the housework #fingerlessgloves madge housework August 2013: Well, Madonna isn't going to dress up as a sodding peasant girl, is she? madgequeen August 2013: Showing off the "grillz". grillz October 2013: One from the vaults <3 madonnavaults November 2013: "La da da da dee, dancing with mommy..." madonnarocco December 2013: Just, y'know, taking the youngest to meet Beyoncé. beyoncemercy January 2014: Taking the kids and their friends on holiday! madgekids January 2014: Working out. On crutches. madonnacrutches January 2014: Sometimes even Madonna has to apologise. madgeapology