Madonna's Pride project collaborator teases 'incredible and political' Madame X concert film

The Madame X tour doc is due "likely in October," says Ricardo Gomes.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: Instagram/@Madonna/@ricardogomesinst

A Portuguese photographer who worked with Madonna on her recent Pride project has teased her upcoming concert tour film.

Ricardo Gomes has been part of the Material Girl's inner circle since the recording of 2019's Madame X LP, and documents her life via videos and photographs of her daily.

In a new interview with Town & Country, Gomes said his collaboration with the pop icon will continue into the autumn, with her Madame X-inspired concert film due on Paramount+ "likely in October."

"Incredible and political"

"I do little things here and there with her, photos and videos daily," he said. "But the biggest project is the tour film from her last tour, 'Madame X', that we're finishing now in post-production, and should come out after the summer, likely in October.

"It has a very strong message that is so incredible and political, and after this year and a half of being shut down and not taking anything for granted, it's powerful."

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Last month's Pride project included a multimedia art installation amplifying LGBTQ voices directed by Gomes and Sasha Kasiuha; it premiered in Times Square and was uploaded to Instagram [below].

A series of Gomes-shot Polaroids of Madonna were also sold at auction, raising $100,000 to benefit The Ali Forney Center, Haus of Us, and the Hetrick Martin Institute.

Discussing the project, Gomes said: "I started thinking about a concept and putting ideas together and I went to Madonna and initiated a conversation about doing something for Pride. She's very open to ideas when she trusts people, so she just went along with it, and started getting excited. I called Sasha Kasiuha, who helped me write the video and edit it. We created a few posts on Instagram, followed by a teaser to let people know that something was coming. Madonna’s fans started getting curious about it."

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