Magazine to be printed with HIV+ blood to fight stigma

A German magazine is going to print its next issue using ink mixed with HIV-positive blood. The special issue of The Vangardist is being printed in an effort to break the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, with the magazine hoping that it will help put to bed some of the dangerous myths that surround the disease. Vangardist-Magazine-rivista-stampata-inchiostro-sangue-infetto-Aids-HIV "If you see the magazine... the first question that comes to your mind is, ‘Would I touch it? Would I take it in my hands?’" Editor Julian Wiehl told the Washington Post. "Instead of asking ‘Why would I touch it?’, people should be asking: ‘Why wouldn’t I touch it?" The magazine, who have already approached three HIV+ people to donate blood, hope that the issue will help people understand that those with the disease shouldn't be feared or ostracised by society. More stories: Picture Special: Cheeky new instagram trend #undiesoutrestrooms Anti-gay US lawmaker outed over explicit pictures on Grindr