Male football fan tries to kiss Cristiano Ronaldo during match - WATCH

The football superstar proved too irresistible for this amorous fan.


A male fan invaded a football pitch during a match in an attempt to kiss Cristiano Ronaldo. 

An international match between Portugal and The Netherlands on Monday (March 26) at Geneva's Stade de Genéve was repeatedly interrupted by fans rushing onto the pitch to meet players.

One enthusiastic fan ran up to Ronaldo and attempted to kiss him while holding the footballer's hand.

However, Ronaldo quickly turned his face, leading the fan to plant a kiss on his cheek.


The player looked frustrated by the invasions as two more fans ran onto the field. One managed to give Ronaldo a quick kiss on his chest and a hug while the other was unable to reach him.

The stadium's security then got involved and pulled the fans off the football pitch. 

Watch the unlikely incident below: